Woolen Spinning machine Green Spin Drive Box

Woolen Spinning machine Green Spin Drive Box

Pursuing the goal of increasing efficiency of the old spinning machine already in customers’ plant, we managed to reach an higher production capacity, flexibility, quality and safety, reducing CO2 consumptions.

It is possible to apply our Green Spin Drive Box on Gaudino, DelPiano and Bigagli ring spinning machines.

Available models:

GREENSPIN DD4C for double rafting system spinning machines and SD2C model for single drafting system spinning machines.

Brushless Servomotors. Using these servomotors on the drafting system rollers allows to control and modify in a easy and precise way the yarn count.
Unwinding roll motorized control. Allows an easy and immediate control on the feeding sliver.
Ring bar movement system. Maximum flexibility in spool shaping, possibility of modifying electronically the stroke of 1 up and down motion avoiding the usage of a counterweight system.
Production costs. Real time feedback on production costs,, including each shift’s production and energy consumption.

  • Techincal Specs

      * Flexibility’s Improvement
      * Precision
      * Energy saving
      * Cleanness
      * Workers’ Safety improvement
      * Simplified maintenance
      * Real time feedback on production costs
      * Manage production with unlimited recipes