Vertical and Horizontal Finisher Drive-box

Woolen Spinning machine Green Spin Drive Box

Pursuing the goal of increasing efficiency and the flexibility of the old finisher machine already in customers’ plant, we provided the possibility to spinning mills to manage with the maximum precision the drafting, rubbing and traversing process. It is possible to apply our GREENSPIN on every Horizontal and Vertical Finishers brand and models.

Available models:

GREENSPIN RVE1, for Vertical finishers

GREENSPIN ROR1, for Horizontal finishers

Brushless Servomotors .Using these servomotors on the drafting system rollers allows to control and modify in an easy and precise way the sliver count, working electronically also on pre-drafting .You can manage directly the slivers tensions Bobbin shaping Traversing system . Maximum flexibility in bobbin shaping, possibility of modifying the traversing angle during the shaping process, avoiding the spirals overlapping.
Bobbins dimensions. It is possible to manage the bobbin length.
Suction system is electronically controlled.
Production costs. Real time feedback on production costs, including each shift’s production and energy consumption.
30% energy saving vs mechanical gear box machines

  • Techincal Specs

      * Flexibility’s Improvement
      * Precision
      * Energy saving
      * Cleanness
      * Workers’ Safety improvement
      * Simplified maintenance
      * Real time feedback on production costs
      * Manage production with unlimited recipes

Energy Saving 30%